Take A Breath Yoga and Meditation Gear-3
Take A Breath Yoga and Meditation Gear-3


Take A Breath welcomes you to our happy space.

We are a local community in KwaZulu-Natal on the South Coast, making yoga and meditation gear for you to experience. We source everything from the materials we use to the labeling and packaging from our local businesses. Our products are handmade with love and precision to be both beautiful and functional.

By supporting this project, you’re shaking a beautiful, soft, wrinkled hand of someone that’s so excited to make these lovely products. You’re responsible for the grateful smile of a mother who has to take care of her big-eyed, barefoot kiddies, or just a happy energy creative who wants to share their wonderful talent. You’re helping to give meaning and create a better world for many people in this beautiful community.

All our woman and men are very proud to be part of this project. We hope that you would love to use and wear our products as much as we love creating them.

Yoga Mat Bags

The bags are made from different varieties of fabrics in different styles, to suit many different tastes. We use mostly Shwe-Shwe, Wax Print fabrics, which are 100% cotton but we also use some beautiful Poly-Cotton prints. The choice is yours.

Yoga Gear

We’re working hard on making really great yoga accessories for you to enjoy; from bolster cushions to yoga blocks and so much more. These are mostly handmade by our local community.

Yoga Kit Bags

These bags are spacious enough to take all your yoga props (blocks, blanket, towel, mat etc.) and more. They’re made from mostly Shwe-Shwe and other slightly firmer fabrics for a stronger bag that can take a bit more weight.

Meditation Gear

We’re working hard on making really great meditation accessories for you to enjoy; from meditation cushions and benches to meditation beads and so much more.

Take A Breath Products

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